“…Teaching children to count is fine, but teaching them what counts is even better…”

-Bob Talbert

Kindness counts was designed to build the communities in which each center is strategically placed by striving to insure measurable growth in the lives of each child. We achieve this by following these core rudiments:​​

  • ​Nurturing​
  • Educating​
  • Securing and keeping open lines of communication with families​
  • Inspiring the lives of those we come in contact with

The Best Childcare Center in Harrisburg

Kindness Counts Learning Center offers the best childcare services in Harrisburg. In fact, this Harrisburg childcare center features licensed and dedicated daycare specialists. With affordable childcare, your kids are always in good hands with teachers that are committed to excellence in all services. From arts and crafts to playtime and snacks, children get to learn and interact with other kids in a safe and educational environment. Parents can also rest assured that their kids will always receive the attention and care they deserve. From problem-solving skills to rest time -teachers treat all kids with true care and as if they were their own.

The Benefits of Daycare in Harrisburg

If looking for Harrisburg best daycare services, simply check Google for a range of listing and reviews. There are many benefits associated with Harrisburg daycare centers and schools as well. For one, parents know that their children will always be looked after by seasoned professionals. This gives parents peace of mind -and allows them to concentrate on work or daily errands and chores. Children also get to learn new crafts, as well as sharing with their friends and new responsibilities. Early childhood development is a main focus at local Harrisburg daycare centers. With this in mind, you can always find the right center to meet all your needs within time and budget.

Daycare services also cater to children that are in primary schools. This is mainly for first and second graders. However, these kids are usually involved with summer camp activities at local daycare centers across Harrisburg. Similarly, these centers feature parent-children workshops, activities and family visit days. These early years are incredibly important in shaping any child’s life and personality. In fact, daycare is where kids get to learn about caring, responsibility, sharing and solving problems the right way.

For more information on Harrisburg daycare, simply check our  Website or schedule a visit to our local daycare center today!



Our staff is dedicated to being the example of kindness and teaching our children to do the same.


Your child’s safety is our top priority.  We have secure entrances, check in/out alerts, and access to class camera feeds.


We embrace the uniqueness our families bring to our center. We are molding well rounded children, not robots.


We are dedicated to ongoing improvement and the adoption of teaching. This insures that our children learn in a manner that is the most effective and efficient for them.


We are community builders, dedicated to building our community that we live and work in with the help of our families.